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The time for a new era is emerging in upcoming CS:GO and League of Legends tournaments, and with it must arise an unparalleled unit. Masonic prides itself in being a careful combination of handpicked talent, unmatched experience, and well-established players. Constant development and self-improvement are imperative to achieve perfection, and Masonic will strive to achieve the impossible by investing heavily in any and all areas, whether that be in the players themselves or our distinguished business partners.

Exceptional performance on stage can only be achieved if there is exceptional performance off-stage – and not just by the players. Masonic strives to focus on the fine intricacies which allow all aspects of the organization to harmonize and function exquisitely – from personal development, ethics, and morals to the maintenance of strong relationships and core values. 

We look forward to demonstrating the fruits of our labor, meeting many worthy opponents, and proving that the Masonic movement can stand strong while representing and dominating in Danish esports.