MASONIC announces a strategic restructuring in the Counter-Strike division following the announcement of Counter-Strike 2.

The club has initiated a major effort to enhance talent development in Danish Counter-Strike. As a result, there are changes underway in the esports division. The partnerships with players PR1mE, kristou, fez, and mAnGo will therefore come to an end at the conclusion of September and October 2023.

PR1mE and fez were both acquired by MASONIC after the summer break, following impressive performances in the POWER league’s 1st division. The former had previously had an impressive run with the current Espionage core, as the player represented Tricked Esport.

Andreas “blaq” Elversøe elaborates: “The players have given their absolute best in their efforts to achieve results with MASONIC. PR1mE is an aggressive and mechanically skilled player who will undoubtedly find the right place to continue his career. He puts in a great effort to support his teammates and faces challenges with an open mind. Emil (fez) has shown loyalty since we first contacted him and put certain things on hold to give his best to the team – he deserves a big thank you. I’m confident that both of them have much more to offer, and I hope their time with MASONIC on the server will showcase their individual capabilities.”

kristou represented MASONIC after an impressive stint with Astralis Talent, where he and the team reached as high as 35th place in the world rankings. blaq explains, “kristou has been exemplary during his trial period with the club, but the strategic restructuring is taking place before the player has been officially announced, so we are ending our collaboration now. kristou is a player with strong energy, and it’s clear that he has what it takes to climb back into the top 40.”

mAnGo, the club’s most recent signing, was brought in following a minor change in the team’s lineup and has been playing as the ‘2nd anchor’ on the server. blaq mentions, “MASONIC brought mAnGo on board to fulfill the role of the 2nd anchor, a position we want to be aggressive and decisive in the mid-round. mAnGo adapted well to the task, but since we have decided to move forward with our restructuring, I hope mAnGo finds another team or club in the Danish subtop that will give him a chance – he has a lot to offer. Kim (mAnGo) has shown that he has potential.”

MASONIC appreciates their efforts and wishes them all the best for the future.


The club will be strategically focusing on talent development in Danish Counter-Strike and the transition to Counter-Strike 2. This is why the restructuring of the player roster is happening now. MASONIC has had great success in nurturing and collaborating with Danish Counter-Strike players and is proud to have played a significant role in the development of Danish Counter-Strike talent. The club’s esports division is now implementing this strategy to continue being a significant force in talent development and to compete among the top clubs in Denmark. Player Magnus “froslev” Frøslev remains affiliated with the club and will assist MASONIC Academy in the POWER League during this season.


The club’s talent development strategy includes both sporting and commercial initiatives, with a focus on the academy in Counter-Strike 2 and the development of events and tournaments for the Danish esports community.


MASONIC plans to expand its esports engagement by adding five more players by the end of spring 2024, who will participate in Dust2’s league universe. blaq explains, “Dust2.dk has made special efforts to make Danish Counter-Strike exciting to work with. Their format in the POWER League makes it constructive to have more than just five players associated with the club. This way, we can ensure a larger player roster and expand opportunities for aspiring Counter-Strike talents.”


EWII Efterskole Ligaen is a platform for continuation schools with esports on their curriculum. Here, the focus is on providing a positive experience for participants, networking opportunities for coaches and players, and the chance to play matches that contribute to the experience and development desired by Counter-Strike talents.

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