MASONIC release CS:GO academy division as of today

Today we say goodbye to the roster on the CS:GO Academy division and Head of CS:GO Academy in MASONIC. We are proud of the results and hard work put in by the players and staff during their time in MASONIC and we wish only the best for all parties.

Back in April 2021 MASONIC initiated the CS:GO Academy division together with Robert William Naur and a newly established roster of talented CS:GO players, but one year later it has been decided to pause the Academy project in the club and focus ressources else where.

I am proud on behalf of the team and the work they did. They are hardworking players with a fresh and inspiring mindset. Surely, they will advance further in the divisions of Danish Counter-Strike and prove their worth. MASONIC have to implement a new strategy for our academy efforts this summer and while I am sad to say goodbye to the team, it was necessary for both the team and club to achieve the desired results.

CEO, Andreas Elversøe

Progress to be proud of

The team was playing with the same core of Dengzoe, DemoN and tOPZ since day one, and while the team underwent several changes, the goals was always clear. To advance and improve. Starting in ESEA Open and POWERLIGAEN division 3, there was no looking back when they achieved ESEA Main and POWERLIGAEN divsion 2 after just one season together.

Group picture of the first edition of the academy roster back in 2021

The most recent results was an impressive run in the playoffs of ESEA Main, almost securing a spot in ESEA Advanced with just one victory shy. In addition to this the roster showed force when they played a near perfect season in the 2nd division of POWERLIGAEN with only one loss out of 22 games and securing a spot in the 1st division of POWERLIGAEN.

The future is now

The roster will continue working together and actively seek a new fifth player to further improve and rise in the ranks of Danish counter-strike. The team will consist of Dengzoe, DemoN, tOPZ and the newest talent logz. If you have questions or curious about the team and roster, please reach out to Dengzoe on twitter.

You will find the team playing ESEA Main and the 1st division of POWERLIGAEN going forward. With the amount of skill already in the roster, no doubt they will challenge for further advancement.

MASONIC wishes only the best for the team going forward and thank you for your effort!

MASONIC ventures into a new game titel: Rocket League

MASONIC Rocket League roster 2022

Welcome creamyy, Sharp, TempoH and Rexo

MASONIC is happy to announce that we brought on a new roster in the game Rocket League. We have joined forces with a new and talented team of players who are ready to show what they are made of and what we can achieve in Rocket League.

The team consists of creamyy (team captain), Sharp, TempoH and Rexo and they will take part of the newly founded league Raketligaen. You can follow their first matches this Saturday and Sunday on the official league website and view the entire seasons program here.

The new Rocket League roster will soon link up in Fredericia for their first bootcamp and stay tuned to get to know the guys better!

Bootcamping with Halstedhus Efterskole

This weekend MASONIC had the pleasure of hosting 25 esportsstudents from a danish boardingschool – Halstedhus Efterskole. They have a dedicated esports course for students to enroll for a full year with esport, community and great memories. For more information about the school, check out the officiel website. Halstedhus Efterskole is working with MASONIC this semester and they visited our facilities in Fredericia to participate in a weekend with esports, gokartracing and a visist to one the most advanced netcafés in Denmark – TRIO at Axels Torv in the center of Fredericia. During the bootcamp, the students got to experience the amazing food from Simply Cooking. Breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks was available at all times. MASONIC ensures a great experience together with Simply Cooking because of the focus they have on healthy nutrition and quality service.

The students had PCs and lounge open at all times thanks to Fredericia Esport and together with MASONIC, we deliver a state of the art experience in esport education both during daily practice and in unique esport events and bootcamps. If you find this interesting please reach out through email at and get to know more about MASONIC education and bootcamps!


MASONIC CS:GO secures the titel as Esportal Liga Cup Winners

The CS:GO main team participated in the Dust2 Esportal Liga Cup during this weekend. MASONIC played games both saturday and sunday and secured the trophy after two days of impressive play.

MASONIC took down Brøndby Esport with a convincing 2-0 in the semi-final game and moved on to face DREAM.GG in the final game of the tournament. A well prepared opponent showed they wanted to play hard but, the MASONIC squad still managed to take down the enemy 2-0 after an exciting overtime on the first map – Nuke.

Winning the Esportal Liga Cup awarded MASONIC with a price of 15.000DKK and the team secured a spot at the upcoming event – Gambox Invitational. We are excited to battle the likes of Tricked Esport and Ecstatic the 22nd to the 24th of April, in Herning!


m4tt has been released of his contract with MASONIC

Today we part ways with m4tt. His time in MASONIC has been a pleasure and the entire club is grateful for his contributions to the journey. m4tt requested to be benched because he felt that he needed time to think about his private situation and evaluate what would be best for him moving forward.

Andreas “blaq” Elversøe, CEO of MASONIC comments:

“Mattias has been my teammate and a part of the club since December 2020 and since we started, it has been a joy to play alongside him. He is a dedicated team player with a high skill-ceiling and I still believe in his potential”.

m4tt joined MASONIC in December 2020, following a roster adjustment, and was part of bringing the club within the top 60 of HLTV rankings.

blaq adds:

“I hope to see m4tt compete at some point again. We need players with his mindset to achieve a constructive culture in danish counter-strike – he has my deepest respect. When a player reaches out to discuss his genuine needs I always try to meet the player with an open mind”.

We wish you all the best m4tt and you will always be a part of the MASONIC family.