MASONIC CS:GO secures the titel as Esportal Liga Cup Winners

The CS:GO main team participated in the Dust2 Esportal Liga Cup during this weekend. MASONIC played games both saturday and sunday and secured the trophy after two days of impressive play.

MASONIC took down Brøndby Esport with a convincing 2-0 in the semi-final game and moved on to face DREAM.GG in the final game of the tournament. A well prepared opponent showed they wanted to play hard but, the MASONIC squad still managed to take down the enemy 2-0 after an exciting overtime on the first map – Nuke.

Winning the Esportal Liga Cup awarded MASONIC with a price of 15.000DKK and the team secured a spot at the upcoming event – Gambox Invitational. We are excited to battle the likes of Tricked Esport and Ecstatic the 22nd to the 24th of April, in Herning!


m4tt has been released of his contract with MASONIC

Today we part ways with m4tt. His time in MASONIC has been a pleasure and the entire club is grateful for his contributions to the journey. m4tt requested to be benched because he felt that he needed time to think about his private situation and evaluate what would be best for him moving forward.

Andreas “blaq” Elversøe, CEO of MASONIC comments:

“Mattias has been my teammate and a part of the club since December 2020 and since we started, it has been a joy to play alongside him. He is a dedicated team player with a high skill-ceiling and I still believe in his potential”.

m4tt joined MASONIC in December 2020, following a roster adjustment, and was part of bringing the club within the top 60 of HLTV rankings.

blaq adds:

“I hope to see m4tt compete at some point again. We need players with his mindset to achieve a constructive culture in danish counter-strike – he has my deepest respect. When a player reaches out to discuss his genuine needs I always try to meet the player with an open mind”.

We wish you all the best m4tt and you will always be a part of the MASONIC family.