MASONIC partners up with Esportal

  • October 26, 2022
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MASONIC and Esportal will join forces in creating more environments for talent to develop

MASONIC is excited to announce a partnership with the platform Esportal. The partnership will focus on building an environment for both established and upcoming talent to grow through the platform.

Sharing the ambition, Esportal and MASONIC will collaborate across tournaments and events to engage with a well established esports scene in educational institutions in danish CS:GO and provide the teams with a stage to compete in a constructive setting.

In MASONIC we strive for growth in all perspectives – to be the best and work with the best. Partnering with Esportal is key for the club to achieve our goals and working with the team from Esportal will combine the shared passion for CS:GO and esports.

Andreas “blaq” Elversøe, CEO of MASONIC says, “Announcing this partnership is something I have been very excited about. Partnering up with Esportal will enable MASONIC and I to establish projects we believe can provide great value to players but also teams. For me, it is vital that we continuously develop Danish CS:GO and provide talent with the proper setting to engage with the competition.”

Esportal have since launch contributed to Danish CS:GO with a community friendly platform and tournaments, while working tirelessly to provide the best experience for the users.

blaq continues with, “This platform is a perfect match when it comes to the values we represent in MASONIC. It is important to focus on the game and the experience, while engaging with both the scene and the community. – With that in mind, I am certain that we can provide players and teams with a competitive and responsible environment on Esportal.”

In addition to talent development, MASONIC and Esportal will create initiatives to engage with the CS:GO community through both casual and competitive events, online as well as offline.

Check out the platform right here:

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